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Noble Simple Inlaid Round Tianhe Stone Design Simple Style Necklace

Noble Simple Inlaid Round Tianhe Stone Design Simple Style Necklace

18K Gold Noble and Simple Inlaid Round Tianhe Stone Design Simple Style Necklace is a necklace with both nobility and simplicity, the following is its description:

Material: The necklace is made of 18K gold as the main material. The luster and texture of gold give the necklace a noble atmosphere.

Inlaid with amazonite: The pendant of the necklace is inlaid with round amazonite, a beautiful gemstone whose texture and luster make the necklace more attractive.

Simple design: The overall design is simple and exquisite, focusing on the simple beauty of lines. Necklaces may feature slender chains and simple pendants, accentuating the minimalist style.

Noble atmosphere: The design style of the necklace highlights the noble atmosphere, showing elegance and exquisite taste.

Versatile: This necklace is suitable for various occasions and clothing styles. Whether it is daily casual or formal occasions, it can be perfectly matched and add highlights to the overall look.

Uniqueness: The amazonite inlaid makes the necklace unique, highlighting the personality and taste.

All in all, this necklace is a piece of jewelry that combines elegance and simplicity. Its delicate design and amazonite setting make the necklace more unique and charming. Not only suitable for personal wear, but also as a gifting choice, showing taste and care.


Fashion jewelry is sometimes called “costume jewelry,” and is often made from base metals, such as brass, copper, or aluminum. Fashion jewelry can also be made with textiles or leather, or base metals that are plated with precious metal. None of the gemstones in our jewelry are genuine.

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