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Vintage Heart Shape Inlaid Gemstone Necklace Earrings Set

Vintage Heart Shape Inlaid Gemstone Necklace Earrings Set

Unleash your inner vintage queen with our Vintage Heart Shape Inlaid Gemstone Necklace Earrings Set. These unique pieces are sure to make a statement with their heart-shaped design and beautiful gemstone inlays. Elevate any outfit and add a touch of quirkiness to your style.

This 18K Gold Vintage Fashion Heart Shape Inlaid Gemstone Design Necklace Earrings Set is a set of noble and elegant accessories, which has the following features:

Necklace Features:

Material: The necklace is made of high-quality 18K gold.

Heart-shaped design: The main body of the necklace is an exquisite heart-shaped pattern, which symbolizes love and care, and expresses warm and romantic emotions.

Inlaid gemstones: gorgeous gemstones are inlaid on the heart-shaped pattern, which increases the gorgeousness and luxury of the necklace and makes you more charming and moving.

Retro fashion style: The overall design of the necklace is full of retro fashion, elegant and generous, fashionable and classic.


Earring Features:

Material: The earrings are also made of high-quality 18K gold, which echoes the necklace, ensuring consistent quality and texture.

Heart-shaped design: The earrings adopt a heart-shaped pattern, echoing the necklace, making the whole set of accessories more coordinated and perfect.

Inlaid gemstones: gorgeous gemstones are also inlaid on the earrings, which make the earrings more dazzling and increase your charming temperament.


This 18K gold retro fashion heart-shaped gemstone-inlaid design necklace and earrings set is a set of noble and elegant accessories that are perfectly matched. It can not only add elegance and charm to your overall look, but also show your taste and quality. Whether you wear it yourself or give it to others, this set of earrings and necklaces will become a precious collection, allowing you to exude a noble and charming light on any occasion.

All our jewelry are made of stainless steel material. For the gold pieces, we added an 18K PVD gold plating.

This means the color will last for a really long time . It will not fade easily and it's also an anti-scratch material.

  • 18K Gold Plating .
  • Jewelry is plated gold and doesn’t  with your allergy to body.  
  • Products are made of stainless steel, so waterproof!
  • All products are free of nickel, lead or cadmium.


Fashion jewelry is sometimes called “costume jewelry,” and is often made from base metals, such as brass, copper, or aluminum. Fashion jewelry can also be made with textiles or leather, or base metals that are plated with precious metal. None of the gemstones in our jewelry are genuine.

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