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Retro Fashion Hollow Camera Projection Necklace

Retro Fashion Hollow Camera Projection Necklace

Welcome to the photography journey of vintage and fashion, we proudly present the Vintage Fashion Cutout Camera Projector Necklace. More than a stylish accessory, this jewelry is the perfect homage to photography and memories, projecting your precious moments onto the necklace.

Material: Titanium steel.

Features and functions:

Vintage Camera Design: Each necklace features a vintage camera design, a unique tribute to the art of photography. The design is both retro and stylish, making it an ideal choice for photography enthusiasts.

High-Definition Projection: The built-in projection gem can project your uploaded photos in high-definition, ensuring that the details of the photos are clearly visible.

Retro Style Chain: The design of the necklace chain complements the retro camera and adds to the overall sense of fashion.

When placing your order, you will have the opportunity to upload the photos you wish to project. This can be your photography portfolio or a photo of a special moment.

Our professional team will carefully process your photos to ensure that the image on the projection stone is perfect.

Treasure Photography and Memories: More than just jewelry, this vintage fashion cutout camera projection necklace is the perfect memorial to the art of photography and precious moments. It will forever treasure your photography works or precious memories in a jewel, and every time you wear it is a beautiful tribute to photography and memories.


Fashion jewelry is sometimes called “costume jewelry,” and is often made from base metals, such as brass, copper, or aluminum. Fashion jewelry can also be made with textiles or leather, or base metals that are plated with precious metal. None of the gemstones in our jewelry are genuine.

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You can find the instructions on using your Projection Jewelry in the Footer section of this website (Bottom of this page)

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